Fashen Clothing is an outlandish brand that allows one to express their mood, sense of style, edge and way of life through fashion apparel. 

        Fashen Clothing was founded during mid-Winter 2014 by creative mind and designer Will Askew.  You may began to witness Fashen attire grace the world with edgy quotes co-existing with bold and unique sewing during the cold days of 2014.  However, the designs of Fashen started long before before the brand was established. Will started designing apparel as an adolescent.  He always insisted on being different therefore, he had his mother to sew custom outfits for almost every event he attended.  Along the years, he worked closely with his mother to learn techniques of sewing, various types of fabric and the history of fashion.  Will Askew daring designs quickly became know in the city he lived and perceived as "the fashion blueprint" by his peers.  After, graduating high school he promptly attended a university where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management while steadily designing apparel as well as studying various clothing brands.  However, Will Askew believed his mission was not complete , so he decided to manage retail stores for two years focusing on customers' preference of fashion. As a designer Will believed it was ssential  to know the "ins and outs" of the fashion industry as the business aspect.  Now, Will Askew presents to you Fashen as the new fashion.  Fashen Clothing consist of unique cut and sew, with edgy quotes, but premium and comfortable apparel.

"Having nothing made me creative."